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This website is run by me, Marc Loewenthal, a qualified and experienced English language teacher, translator, multimedia creator and materials writer, to showcase my publications. At the moment I have six publications available as Kindle books, as print-on-demand, or as pdf e-books.

Endings is a collection of ten short stories in which the beginnings are of no consequence and only the endings matter. Click here for a free story Diet or Die?

140 Stories of Exactly 140 Characters (Each) is a Twitter-age composition which speaks for itself with its title. There are 140 stories, each comprising exactly 140 characters. We are now offering this free, so go to the publications page to download your free copy!

What Words Really Mean is a new kind of book on English word origins, combining fact and fantasy with humour to imagine what would happen if words still meant today what they meant in the past.

The Latin Heart of English: English language practice of words of Latin origin - Volume 1 is the first of two books for English language students practising English vocabulary based on their Latin origins.

The Liondale English Language Series: Volume 1 is the first of a series of books for English language students practising English grammar and vocabulary from a different perspective than those of other practice books.

The Liondale Dictionary of Pronounced Meanings is a dictionary like no other, which takes a radically different look at a selection of words in the English language in a new and unprecedented light.

Click here or on the link at the top of the page to go to the publications page, see samples from the books and find out how to buy them. Each sample is in the form of a pdf file. You can download the desired sample file and purchase the full product from the links on right of the Publications page on the website. When you run the file it will automatically detect Adobe Reader, which you can get free from Adobe, so make sure that this is set up on your computer.

I hope you enjoy using these books. If you do, please inform any friends and colleagues you feel will be interested in them. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or queries that you may have.